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Our products are great on their own or combined together to create an explosion of flavour your customers will love!



We are winners of the Quality Food Awards 2015 for Original Houmous and for our Seaweed Houmous.


Our Houmous is an exotic blend of chick peas, garlic, lemon and sesame paste. It's our biggest selling product and people regularly tell us it's the best houmous they've ever tasted!

Kids love it! - This is a perfect addition to a kid's menu, serve in a cup with bread and vegetables.

We even have a selection of flavours to keep your menu fresh. Choose from:

Roasted Red Pepper Houmous
Original Houmous
Lemon & Coriander Houmous
Chilli Houmous

Other flavours available include: Jalapeno Houmous, Beetroot Houmous and **NEW** Seaweed Houmous

Ramona's Kitchen Houmous is in keeping with our commitment to provide healthy foods to our family of customers. This is a fantastic, healthy alternative to dairy based dips and spreads.



The process of making this Mediterranean favourite takes 2 days of careful preparation. Fresh chick peas are soaked for long periods of time (we don't use tinned or pre-soaked chick peas) and carefully mixed with the perfect blend of spices. Each ball is then formed using a specific shape that makes them easier to place inside pita bread or a sandwich.

Falafels are full of flavour and really easy to prepare. They make a delicious, healthy, protein rich meal, and are popular with both vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike.

We supply our falafels in 3 different ways:

Raw - Allowing your kitchen teams to fry them fresh on customer order

Pre-fried - To be easily reheated

Falafel mix - This is a fantastic way of creating your own shape and size balls to be freshly fried

Ramona's Kitchen Falafels are nutritionally balanced to provide complete protein for adults or children. They contain wholly natural ingredients of chick peas and fresh spices.

Our falafels come in a range of different flavours including:



We have one of the largest ranges of fresh vegetarian soups around. We develop all of our soup recipes from scratch, combining flavours and ingredients to create delicious soups you won't find anywhere else.

Our most popular flavours include Tomato & Basil, Leek & Potato, Courgette & Spinach, Red Lentil and Butternut Soup.

Our soups are ready to heat and serve, and come in 2kg containers.

Call us to find out more about our complete range of soups.



Our dips are perfect as starters, side dishes, sandwich bases, or combined on a meze platter with our Houmous.

Our dips are made using our secret age-old recipes and are bursting with flavour and freshness in every bite.

Our most popular dips are:


A creamy, pink meze dip made with smoked cod roe.


A blend of sesame seed paste, garlic and a perfect mix of spices. Perfect with falafel!

Aubergine Babaganoush

Roasted Aubergines combined with our winning Tahina sauce to create a delicious dip.


A fresh cucumber and yoghurt dip, in original cucumber flavour or zingy Carrot and Chilli Tzatziki, with grated carrots in Greek Yoghurt with a chilli and caraway twist.

Aubergine with Roasted Red Peppers

Roasted Aubergine blended with grilled red peppers and tomato.


Salad Dressings

We make all the popular salad dressings like French and Caesar, but we've also used our creative palates to create our own unique range of dressings like Sweet Chilli Dressing for adding a bit of a kick to any salad.

Our range includes:


Burgers / Relish

Our succulent vegetarian burger is a wonderful alternative to meat, made with soya mince, fresh vegetables and a blend of spices.

These burgers can be grilled or fried without breaking, and taste as close to a real meat burger as you can get.

You can even give your customers a kick with our spicy vegetarian burger.

If you're looking to serve a world class burger (either meat, chicken or vegetarian), then our sweet and tangy tomato relish is the secret ingredient that will make your burgers famous.



We produce a range of delicious sauces for every dish. These are freshly prepared with distinctive flavours that can be used as bastings, side sauces, marinades, pasta sauces and as part of burgers or sandwiches.

Our range of sauces are:

  • Basil Pesto – ideal for pastas, sandwiches and salad dressings. We use beautiful, fresh Basil to make this fragrant Pesto which is a wonderful addition to any meal.


If there's one thing you'll find at Ramona's Kitchen, it's a massive range of freshly prepared salads!

There's a salad for every menu and every season, your customers will keep coming back for more.

All our salads contain fresh, healthy ingredients like bulgar wheat, couscous, quinoa, beans and pulses, and are perfect as an accompaniment to main courses, or for the customer who's looking for a healthy alternative but without sacrificing flavour and taste.

Some of the salads in our range are:

Couscous Salads
Grilled Pepper Salad

Call us to find out more about our complete salad range.


Delicious Combos

Meze platters

A hugely popular dish, especially for sharing. Serve them as starters or as a main course, and best of all, they're easy for chefs to prepare

Simply add hot bread to taste bud favourites like:

Falafel Wrap / Sandwich

Combine Falafel, Houmous, Tahina and Grilled Peppers in wrap, sandwich or served as part of a salad
Tzatziki & Vine Leaves

Try serving a dollop of Tzatziki with Stuffed Vine leaves
Houmous and Crudite' Platter
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