Our Story

Made with Love.

Coming from a Mediterranean family, the food we ate was great quality, great tasting and always made with love.

When I came to the UK, I just couldn’t fathom why this kind of food didn’t taste how I remembered.

So after wondering for a long time whether I could, or should, create my own range, eventually I went for it - and RAMONA’s was born.

I sourced the finest ingredients from the local markets and suppliers and using a blender in my little kitchen I would make all my own products at night (I had a day job!). The next day I would hand deliver them to local restaurants and delis in my trusted Peugeot 206.

RAMONA’s has grown a little since then - we have a much bigger kitchen and our range now includes houmous, vegan burgers, dips and sauces. Some of them with traditional recipes and others with a contemporary innovative twist.

As we’ve grown, my food values have stayed the same. To make super tasty, naturally vegetarian food, based on my own Mediterranean family recipes - using only the finest ingredients. And I hope you’ll be able to taste the most important ingredient of all...


Ramona x